We Bet Not Many Of You Would Guess Scotland’s National Animal

Unicorn is the national animal of Scotland and the history of Scotland has lots of reasons behind this beast being the national animal.

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Where every nation has its own right to declare any beast as a national animal, Scotland opted for choosing a fictitious legendary animal Unicorn. Yes, you read it right! It’s Unicorn, the horse look-a-like creature with a single large, pointed and twisted horn.

Do people in Scotland love to linger in their imaginary world? Well, surely not. We have listed a few reasons which try to justify why Scotland has Unicorn as their national animal.
1. The ancient Babylonians worshiped Unicorns with written descriptions of them appeared in texts from the ancient Persians, the Romans, the Greeks and ancient Jewish scholars. It was believed that Unicorn’s horn had magical properties and could probably heal an ill person.

2. In Celtic mythology, the Unicorn symbolized innocence, purity and happiness. It is also seen as a symbol of masculinity and power.

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3. The Unicorn was embossed on the gold coin during the reign of King James III (1466 - 1488). It marked the time of King James VI of Scotland’s success over Elizabeth I of England which resulted in a truce. So, the Unicorn for them also represents unity.

4. There are many fictional stories revolving around Unicorn which suggested that Unicorn used its power to protect and provide other resources for other animals.

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So, now you know the national animal of Scotland and also know the reasoning behind it. Now show off your general knowledge to your friends and see what answer they give you on this particular question.

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Information Source: Scotsman

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