Want Beer But Not The Belly? Bengaluru Has A Ragi Brew For You!

Microbreweries turn to the humble millet for a fresh, innovative brew.

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Not that you needed another reason to sample good beer, but some microbreweries in Bengaluru have experimented with ragi (finger millet) to brew a beer that is steadily finding enthusiastic patrons.

The Biere Club, one of the oldest microbreweries in Bengaluru has been offering ragi beer on the tap for some time now.  It follows Toit, another microbrewery which introduced the beverage to the city. Prepared from ragi sourced from organic farms in the nearby agricultural districts, this beer is described as pale, with a fresh, earthy taste.

Source: thehindu

The brewing of beer from coarse millets dates back over five millennia, and while present day conservatives stick to wheat and barley variants, innovation continues with different grains, fruits and vegetables. These experiments are also favoured by adventurous patrons who prefer locally sourced, freshly brewed varieties over imported malts.

Source: lbb

“We wanted to reach a wider palate and ragi gives an earthy taste in the beer. The response has been amazing and we did not expect it. Seasonal beers have been liked by all demographies, and the expat population in the city, looking for indigenously brewed beer, are among its biggest patrons,” says Rohit Parwani, Head Brewer of The Biere Club.

The humble ragi, the staple food for most of rural Karnataka, has risen in prominence over the last few years as a health food, owing to its high nutritious value and low glycemic index. 

Safely assuming that some of that goodness has found itself into the beer too, we now know where to go for the next frothy adventure!

Information Source: thehindu

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