Bengaluru Shows How It's Done By Hosting City’s First Car Boot Sale

Not popular in India, car boot sales can actually bring back the old traditional way of trading and make your goods sell like hot cakes.

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While car boot sale is not exactly a trending thing to hear but the concept is pretty novel and is gradually gaining popularity in various parts of India.

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So what exactly is a car boot sale?

Popular in UK, car boot sales, also called as boot fairs, is part of a martket where private individuals come together to sell household and garden goods. These sales are a way of attracting a large group of people in one place to recycle useful but unwanted domestic items that otherwise might have been thrown away.

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One such car boot sale was held in the IT City of India - Bengaluru on Saturday. Inspired from his sister, the idea to initiate this struck to Prashanth Nayak, one of the organisers, who with his business partners decided to start a car boot sale.

On this Prashanth said,

"Our aim was to get support from entrepreneurs and other companies, and we charged only `1,000 for each stall.  It was only a one-day sale."

Being the first and entirely new venture, an unexpected throng of Bengalureans congregated at at Sirur Park Ground in Malleswaram. The products ranged from handmade items to homemade foods at an affordable price.

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Prashanth further said,

"We focused on families, business people, entrepreneurs and NGOs."

Dipitha Shayan, one of the exhibitors, said,

"It is a nice platform to interact with different people. It is a wonderful opportunity for entrepreneurs. There was a lot of positive response from the public."

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