Teenager Arrested For Trying To Smuggle Bengal Tiger Cub Into US From Mexico

Agents from the US Fish and Wildlife Service have taken the custody of the tiger cub.

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A teenager from California has been arrested for attempting to smuggle a male Bengal Tiger cub across the United States border from Mexico.

Luis Eudoro Valencia was caught trying to bring the illegally-trafficked cub into the US state of California, the US Customs and Border Protection officers said.

The 18-year-old teenager was caught at the Otay Mesa border and was charged with smuggling the animal into the country after the officials found it lying on the floor of his vehicle.

Source: fox5sandiego

Following a thorough inspection of the vehicle, the officers arrested the teenager. The CBP officers were shocked to discover a tiger cub lying on the floor of the front passenger seat.

Agents from the US Fish and Wildlife Service have taken the custody of the tiger cub and are working with the San Diego Zoo Global to ensure its well-being, the CBP said.

Source: BBC

According to BBC, the teenager said that he bought the cub from someone who was walking an adult tiger on a leash along the streets of Tijuana in Mexico for $300 (around Rs 20,000).

The vets at San Diego carried out a thorough health check on the cub and determined that he was in good health. The cub has been supervised around the clock by zoo staff and is being housed away from other animals in an isolated area.

Information source: BBC

Title image: newshub

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