Ben Affleck Is The Oldest Actor To Enact Batman: 12 Astounding Facts You Didn't Know About Him

Success paved Ben's way right from his childhood when he became a child actor, not leaving him ever since. His real name being Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt.

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Success paved his way right from his childhood when he became a child actor, not leaving him ever since. Movies like Good Will Hunting (1997), Daredevil (2001), Argo (2004) add up to the list of movies that gave him recognition and fame. His real name being Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt, born on August 15, 1972, is an American actor, screenplay writer, director and filmmaker all at once, behind that pretty face. We, at Reacho, bring to you these astounding facts that you didn't know about him, let's dive in:

1. He is a dropout of two colleges

Source: adadha

Ben dropped out of university of Vermont after first semester and dropped out of Occidental College after one year.

2. In 1989 he appeared in a Burger King commercial

Since childhood, he had always wanted to be an actor. When he was a teenager, he appeared in a Burger King commercial that kick-start started his successful career.

3. His mother didn't get him a dog because he failed her test

Source: dailymail

When he was young, Ben wanted a dog and then her mother gave him an imaginary dog and asked him to take it walking for a week. Ben only lasted for 5 days and so his mother didn't get him a real dog.

4.  His younger brother Casey Affleck is also an actor.

Source: alchetron

5. When unemployed, Ben and Matt wrote “Good Will Hunting”

Source: usmagazine

When he and his lifelong friend Matt Damon struggled along to get a role and ended up unemployed for long, they finally decided to write a script, better known as a movie now “Good Will Hunting” 1997.

They had sold the script for $600,000.

6. Ben is permanently banned at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino

Source: wikipedia

Ben was able to count the cards so well that he received a lifetime ban at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino.

7. Ben was so accurate to impression Morgan Freeman that Freeman said, ‘I'll kill you.’

Source: hollywood

Ben is a great impressionist. When starring “The Sum of All Fears” with Morgan Freeman, he studied him well. Later when he did an impression of Freeman, he was so good and accurate that Freeman said, ‘You do that again, I'll kill you.’

8. Ben had bought Jennifer Lopez  $3.8 million ring

Source: eonline

Remember bennifer attracted a lot of stardom even after their movie ‘Gigli’ turned out to be a flop? He gave her a ring worth $3.8 million and they never got married.

9. When he was a child, he always loved Marvel's comic book character Daredevil

Source: comicbookresources

He got to play the character in “Daredevil” 2003 movie. He has four stunts men each with different specialty for the movie.

10. In 2003, he did commercials for L ‘Oreal Shampoo that earned him $1.5 million

Source: mens-hairstyle

11. He has been in the list of ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ and ‘Most Beautiful People’ by the people magazine.

Source: eonline

12. He is the only actor to wear a Batman’s Suit and a Superman’s Suit in two different movies.

Source: justjared

He donned as Superman in Hollywoodland in 2006 and Batman in ‘Batman v Superman’ in 2016.

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