Dear Women, Look In The Mirror And Repeat These 20 Lines To Believe More In Yourself

Because we are pretty and much our own superhero.

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In order to abide by the diktats of a happy, empowering self, this is what we need to start with. Take it as your 'self-love starters pack'.

Repeat after me:

1. It is okay that I’m not rich or successful by this age.

2. I’m proud to see myself come so far, despite being nowhere close to my plans.

3. I am ready to work as much as it takes to reach where I want to.

4. I will stop being hard on myself and give myself more credit.

5. I will hope more and dream more and do whatever it takes to make them happen.



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6. I will support all my hopes with all the required actions.

7. I’m flaw-some. So is everybody I look up to.

8. There are parts of me I cannot stand but I will learn to accept them and be thankful.

9. I deserve love, especially from myself.

10. I was loved before and I will be loved again.



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11. I have doubts but I will not let them become hurdles in my life plans.

12. I am not alone and will let no empty room make me feel that way.

13. I can change my world any time I wish to.

14. There are many like me who cringe when they look themselves in the mirror and that’s okay.

15. Not my criticizing myself. I will treat myself the way I deserve to by myself and everyone.



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16. I can switch my path anytime I wish to.

17. I’m not a failure to still be living with my parents or working for a lesser pay job or still be single.

18. I will keep my head and standards high. I will not settle for anything with the fear that nothing better will come my way.

19. I’m way more beautiful, intelligent and successful  than I think I am.

20. I am enough. I am more than enough.



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