Beer Taps, Underground Meeting Rooms: 10 Wacky Offices Which Will Make You Want To Quit Your Job

Some quirky office spaces that employees would look forward to working in! Here are some of the most rad workplaces around the world:

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Ever started hating a colour simply because the walls at your workplace were the same? It has been known forever that dull and uninspiring workplaces don’t really boost employee productivity. While a lot of firms are now taking baby steps to rectify this, some other companies are way ahead, and have designed some quirky office spaces that employees would look forward to working in! Here are some of the most rad workplaces around the world:

1. Bahnhof, Sweden

Source: homesthetics

The Swedish Internet Service Provider has an office in Pionen White Mountains, central Stockholm. Actually, under the mountains. The location, 30 metres underground, was earlier used as a nuclear bunker during the Cold War, and the facility now has a very 60’s vibe, described by many as fit to be the lair of a James Bond villain!

2. Selgas Cano Architecture, Spain

Source: fastcompany

Count on architects to come up with the quirkiest of ideas! This Madrid-based architecture firm created its office in the woods. The bright and spacious capsule-like construction eliminates the need for any lighting during the day, and also allows its employees to seek inspiration from Nature!

3. Inventionland, USA

Source: officesnapshots

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Inventionland is a business incubator which calls its employees 'creationeers'. It has different themed units for different offices. And no, they are not separated by the boring colour scheme. The themes include Pirate Ship for high-tech products and games, Nursery Nook for children’s toys, and Davy’s Treehouse for extra inspiration.

4. Comvert, Italy

Source: inc

What would an alternative-clothing company which found an empty cinema hall for its headquarters do? Why, put a giant skating bowl near the high ceiling! The Milan-based firm had a little too much space which they utilised in this uber cool manner to entertain their employees, and also flaunt their image as caterers for the casual chic crowd.

5. Corus Quay, Canada

 Source: hatch

Home to one of Canada’s largest media companies, Corus’ Toronto office is both fun and environmentally sustainable. Its employees do not worry about being stuck in elevators, because the building has a three-storey indoor slide to whisk the workers down! It also has a vegetated wall and a relaxing area for employees, which offers stunning views of the lake Ontario.

6. Couchsurfing, USA

Source: glassdoor

How many times have you dreamt of a comfy T-shirt and sandals while you were imprisoned in your formal (ugh!) office wear on a cold, hard chair? Well, the San Francisco office of Couchsurfing, a website which helps travellers find accommodation around the world, lets its employees show up in casual clothes and meetings are held on cozy couches and swings. What’s more, it also offers its employees an all-expense-paid trip for two weeks every year. Typing that resignation already?

7. Etsy, USA

Source: natalme

Etsy’s office in Brooklyn is very much in line with the website’s offering: handmade, vintage items, art and supplies. The office entrance has a gallery full of Etsy offerings open for public, and the rest of the floors abound in variety and the personalised touch, with art installations popping up at every corner!

8. Google, Ireland

Source: officesnapshots

You must already know what a fun place Google’s head office in Mountain View, California is. The Dublin office is just as neat. The main building, the 14-floored Google Docks (get it?) has each floor inspired from Google’s values. Another wing, One Great Canal is dedicated to Irish culture and customised accordingly. The complex even has 5 restaurants and a 25m indoor pool!

9. Zynga, USA

Source: sexysocialmedia

The brains behind Farmville and Words With Friends reside in this pet-friendly building in San Francisco. The interiors feel like being in a groovy game yourself, and the ground floor is a wellness centre free for employees. They also offer free meals to all of their 2000 employees. And did we mention it is pet-friendly?

10. Tumblr, USA

Source: bizinsider

In tune with its diverse and fun vibe, the microblogging platform Tumblr’s New York City office aces our list. We mean, which other office has beer and cold coffee on tap, a movie projector screen, a food truck and gourmet chefs for lunch once a week, permission to keep a turtle as your pet on the desk (yes!), massages once a month, yoga and tai chi classes and a terrace bar for summer hangouts and meetings? And this is just the tip of the iceberg here!

Now that we have succeeded in making you loathe your present job, tell us in the Comments which of these places did you find the most awesome...and *ahem* update your CV maybe?

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