Beauty With Bronn: Will You Watch The Jaime-Bronn Show?

Now that season six is over and the last two seasons will have only 13 episodes, Game of Thrones stars may soon be out of jobs.

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Now that season six is over and the last two seasons will have only 13 episodes, Game of Thrones stars may soon be out of jobs. Moreover getting other roles is also a Herculean task given that now people identify them as their characters rather than their original selves. So to beat this, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has proposed a Game of Thrones spinoff sitcom for Jaime And Bronn on HBO.

Though the idea is not very seriously thought or put afore, the fans are ready on one foot because they aren’t ready to say goodbye to their favourite show just yet. There’s been a lot of talk about ways to extend the series either through a movie or some prequels. But Ser Jaime Lannister has his own idea of a funny spinoff along with his (arguably) loyal partner Bronn.

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The chemistry of love-hate relationship between Bronn and Jaime is much talked about, courtesy Tyrion who sets him up to teach Jaime fencing. Later they sail to Dorne together and fight the Sand Snakes. Even now they fight together at Riverrun exchanging witty puns and mouthful retorts.

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“There are so many ways you could go, and let’s milk it,” he told the New York Times during an interview following the sixth season finale. “Let’s do it for the rest of our careers: just Game of Thrones spinoffs.”

Coster-Waldau was also cool about his character and Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie) getting an apartment together. “What you call that,” he wondered, “Roommates?”

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“But it has to be a sitcom, though, and it has to have a laugh track,” he warned. “Then I would do it in a heartbeat. I thought we’d have a season where we just did the whole thing in a cabaret. Varys would be the owner of the club, because I know Conleth Hill would be amazing at that. And we’d all come in and do little things.”

So Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, as good looking as he is, he also has a creative mind. Beauty with brawn, we’d say, or rather they could call the show Beauty with Bronn. *ROFL*

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