Beautiful, Charming, Badass: Jane Austen Meets Fight Club!

"No corsets, no hatpins, NO CRYING!"

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If you think Jane Austen is all about dainty ladies in empire-line gowns and afternoon teas and properly paired couples, think again. Underneath all the 18th century delicacy are strong-willed women striving to break out of the pattern and listen to their calling. You know who else did that? Chuck Palahniuk's Tyler Durden, in his 1996 novel, Fight Club.

A YouTube account by the name TwoTurntablesNMic mashed up Fight Club with the perennially favourite heroines of Jane Austen- Lizzy Bennet, the Dashwood Sisters, Emma Woodhouse and Fanny Price- to give a hilariously badass version of these classics. WE unearthed this video in which the Fight Club inductees ditch their sewing kits, corsets and proper behaviour and let loose their inner sirens, propagating absolute anarchy in Georgian England.

Watch this video here:

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