Beatles' Ashram In Rishikesh To Now House A Museum Too!

The band chose to undergo a spiritual induction whilst at the peak of their musical career.

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In a move to memorialize 50 years of the emblematic English rock band Beatles’ arrival in Rishikesh for spiritual induction, the tourism department of Dehradun has proposed to set up a museum.

This museum falls in line with the revamping initiative of Rishikesh taken up by the local authorities. The wrecked caves and other structures in the thick jungles will finally be rehabilitated.

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The plan’s primary focus is on the 15 acres land of the Chaurasi Kutia Ashram. The Ashram which was built by Mahesh Yogi, was used by the Beatles in 1968 to stay for almost two and half months to learn transcendental meditation. The Beatles had visited Rishikesh when they were in at the peak of their musical journey in the 1960s. The land is currently with the forest department.

The proposed museum will accommodate memories comprising majorly of the photographs taken during the bands’ stay in the Ashram. The memories will be collected from the band members’ hometown Liverpool, England and some other parts of the world, said a source from the department.

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Tourism secretary Meenakshi Sundaram said, “Efforts are on to create a Beatles’ museum at the Chaurasi Kutia, but that land has to be taken from the forest department. If that happens, we can attract more foreign tourists to Rishikesh, which is also known as a yoga centre.”

The plan also focuses on renovating 130 double storey meditation centre buildings and around 84 other lodging facilities located within the Ashram.  The Tourism and Forest officials are bound to meet on September 6 to talk about the methods and strategies of leasing out the Ashram land for the redevelopment and setting up the museum.

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“Chaurasi Kutia is one of the most popular spots for foreign tourists even today, mainly for its history linked with the Beatles. It’s an appropriate occasion to commission a museum and revive the site to attract more foreign tourists by commemorating 50 years of spiritual initiation of the Beatles group,” said the tourism minister, Satpal Maharaj.

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