Be My Eyes App Allows Sighted Volunteers To Help Visually Impaired People!

This app brings help to the blind and visually impaired!

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Being able to see the world around us, we sometimes take things for granted without realizing how hard it must be for visually impaired people to do even the most basic things like reading signs on the road or the railway station or checking the expiry date of a product in the supermarket.

A new app created by Danish craftsman Hans Jørgen Wiberg seeks to make life easier for the blind by connecting them with sighted volunteers. Be My Eyes allows anyone with a visual impairment to ask a sighted volunteer for help with something that requires normal vision.

“As a blind person, you are 100 percent sure that the person who answers the call is willing to help you,” said Wiberg, who has tunnel vision and expects to eventually go blind. “As a helper, if you don’t have the time, you don’t answer.”

Wiberg, who serves as the regional chairman of a Dutch organization for the blind, said many of his blind friends use Apple’s FaceTime video conferencing application to ask sighted friends for help when they’re alone in their homes and need a second set of eyes. But that can feel like an imposition, he said.

Be My Eyes seeks to build upon the success of live video-conferencing technology by recruiting a network of volunteers who were willing to lend a hand. In April 2012, Wiberg the pitched his idea at a Startup Weekend technology competition in Aarhus, Denmark — and won the prize for the most innovative concept.

Already available on iOS, this app is now available on Android as well. It connects sighted volunteers with visually impaired users who need help with something. It uses an audio-video call to share what the blind/visually impaired person is seeing and allow them to talk to the sighted person and ask them questions.

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How the app works:

A blind person requests assistance in the Be My Eyes app. The challenge that he/she needs help with can be anything from knowing the expiry date on the milk to navigating new surroundings.

The volunteer helper receives a notification for help and a live video connection is established. From the live video, the volunteer can help the blind person by answering the question they need to be answered.

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The app is anonymous, free, and allows unlimited audio-video calls of any length that's necessary.It also includes finding lost items, matching colors, reading labels and expiry dates on items, shopping, getting around in new environments, knowing when trains are coming or leaving, and so on.

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