To Showcase Gender Equality, BBC Decided To Drop Shows Like Bob The Builder & Fireman Sam

Getting shows that revolve around the female characters and empowering them is the need of the hour.

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Bob the builder, can we fix it?

Bob the builder, yes, we can!

Remember the good old days when you used to sing this jingle, and had your evening snacks watching Pogo?

But things might not be the same from now on, because in a recent announcement BBC said that they are planning to axe male-led cartoons like Bob The Builder and Fireman Sam. The  step is an attempt to bring more gender-balanced program.

CBeebies is a BBC television network for programming with an object to encourage children aged 6 and below to learn while playing. Controlled by Kay Benbow, the lady has now planned to walk out of the network after controlling the channel for good seven years.

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Though the network plans to remove Bob and Sam, the channel makes sure to fill the void with good shows that will revolve around female protagonists.

Talking about the forthcoming show Bitz and Bob, Benbow said,

The show follows an eight-year-old girl as she gatecrashes the male-dominated STEM world and repeatedly saves the day with a combination of brains and brawn, alongside her younger brother sidekick – because writers have finally realized girls actually can have it all.

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Although Benbow claims that CBeebies has previously fetched criticism due to the gender-imbalance but clearly explains that BBC does not, in any way, institutionalize sexism. Instead, she believes that a lot of rigour goes into building a female character saying male animated characters are simpler to create.

Elaborating further on the views she presented, she said,

I have a view that it’s easier with men, because ‘Mr’ sums up a man, while women are defined by their marital status.

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Though she admitted saying, CBeebies may have previously been skewed towards ‘Male Character Fixing Infrastructure’ scenarios, the new programming values will go some way to fix that skew.


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