Baseless Claims Against Virat Kohli For Ball Tampering Make Very Little Sense!

Why the allegations of ball tampering thrown on Virat Kohli by British Media are baseless and makes no sense

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A British Tabloid recently accused India’s talismanic and prolific cricket star Virat Kohli of ball tampering against England in the first test in Rajkot. These baseless allegations hold zero credibility and evidence if ICC’s current rules and regulations are to be followed.

British tabloid accused Kohli of shining the ball inappropriately from one end using the residue of sweet he was chewing during the game. The report purported that according to TV camera, Kohli was seen putting his right hand towards his mouth and then vigorously shining one end of the ball. Recently South Africa’s star batsman Faf Du Plessis was punished as he was found guilty of rubbing mints to tamper with the ball.


However despite these speculations, no official complaint has been registered by the visiting team against Kohli. Moreover, ICC has also rubbished these claims raised by the British media. According to ICC’s a Level 1 Offence or a Level 2 Offence, if misconduct is alleged to have been committed, an official complaint needs to be registered with the match referee after which the reported incident can be investigated further. These claims are coming after a long time of the first test at Rajkot which ended on November 13.

How BCCI will react to these claims if this matter is pursued further by the visiting team remains to be seen. As they say, ‘Innocent until proven guilty’!

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