Bangladesh Boy Suffering From Greyscale-Like Skin Condition Demands Attention!

Mehendi Hassan from Bangladesh is an 8-year-old boy with a rare affliction that is turning his skin to tough, painful scales.

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Game of Thrones enthusiasts are aware of an affliction called Greyscale which Ser Jorah suffers from. The incurable disease causes the victim's skin to turn to stone. 

In an unfortunate occurrence in the real world, Mehendi Hassan, now 8, is suffering from a similar condition. Since he was 12 days old, Mehendi, a resident of the Naogaon district of Bangladesh has been experiencing tough, scaly skin on his body which is painful to the touch. This makes even routine activities like walking or wearing clothes excruciatingly painful for the boy.

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Jahanara, his mother, states that the condition affects her son not just physically, but emotionally as well. Due to his condition, Mehendi is shunned by the villagers, other children, even his own grandmother. 

Mehendi's parents have taken him to many dermatologists. While they agree the condition is a rare and serious one, no one seems to understand how to approach it.

As Jahanara- a brick kiln labourer- and her husband Abul- a taxi driver- have exhausted resources to find a cure for their child, they have implored the government to take note. "I beg government to please come forward and help me with his treatment so that he too can live as a normal human," she said.

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