10 Banana Carving Art Pictures That Will Blow Your Mind!

He draws, carves and eventually turns the banana into a piece of art.

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‘Banana is a fruit’ – is what all of us were taught in school. But for Stephan Brusche banana is more than a fruit. It is his canvas. Yes!

Brusche, an artist from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has been going bananas with the fruit art for the last seven years. He draws, carves and eventually turns the banana into a piece of art. His artwork shows that an artist can thrive on anything to display his art, even if it’s a banana.

While speaking to the Bored Panda, Brusche said, “It all started a few years back when I just started using Instagram. I was at work and I just wanted to post something. I then noticed my banana and I figured it would make a nice post if I just drew a little happy face on it." He was amazed how pleasant a banana peel is to draw on and decided to do it again the next day.”

"After that, I tried to come up with new ideas for drawings while using the shape of the banana in all kinds of clever ways. Trying to keep pushing myself I eventually started to carve in the banana peel as well," he added.

Let’s a take a detour of Stephan’s artwork. Ready?











Information & image source: boredpanda

Title image source: finedininglovers

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