That Time When Bajirao Mastani’s “Malhari” Was Performed At An American Dance Reality Show!

So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation is the 13th season showing contestants aged 8-13.In that contestant J.T.Church and his mentor chose “Malhari” .

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So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation is the 13th season of a dance reality show that airs on Fox every Monday. In this show, contestants aged 8-13 present spellbinding dance routines accompanied by an All-star Mentor.

Let’s just call it USA’s DID Li’l Masters.

Last Monday, contestant J. T. Church and his mentor Marko Germar decided to do a Bollywood number, and chose the energetic “Malhari” from the blockbuster Bajirao Mastani. And what a performance it was!

Choreographed with elements of Parkour, Bharatanatyam and signature steps from the song, the little J.T. pulled it off spectacularly!

With these moves, we bet this kiddo can give Ranveer Singh a run for his money!

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