Badshah Sans The Blue Blood: The Struggles That Made SRK ‘King Khan’

Born in DELHI, brought up in MUMBAI, owns the team of KOLKATA, made a movie on CHENNAI!

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People said he is repetitive! To which he replied, “So what if I repeat myself? Because so does History!”

And thus Bollywood was blessed with its Badshah! But was his journey the cakewalk it seems to be?

We never doubt him when he claims to be the most ‘diversified’ Indian actor as,

He was born in DELHI,

He was brought up in MUMBAI,

He owns the team of KOLKATA,

And he made a movie on CHENNAI!

Source: ndtv

Well, it is his birthday and his story deserves to be told! Here are a few facts about Shah Rukh Khan’s struggle you must appreciate:

1. He not only sold his acting skills, he also sold TICKETS. During the release of his 1994 movie “Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa” he sold his movie tickets in a Mumbai theatre. He was paid 25,000 for that movie.

Source: bhmpics

2. During his struggling days, SRK also ran a restaurant in Dariya Ganj, Delhi.

Source: pinterest

3. Shah Rukh worked as an usherer at a Pankaj Udhas concert in the 80s on a salary of 50 rupees.  Those 50 rupees took him to Agra by train, where he admired the beautiful Taj.

Source: ndtv

4. The St Columba’s School honoured him with the ‘Sword Of Honour’ as he was a student who was accomplished in sports, drama and academics.

Source: biscoot

4. Before he could grace the silver screen, he warmed up his career as Commando Abhimanyu  Rai in his debut TV series “Fauji”.

Source: bollywoodlife

5. Destiny did not keep it easy for him! His first movie was Dil Aashna Hai, but due to production delays he had to debut with “Deewana”.

Source: india

6. And you know what makes this King Khan as human as you and me? His “Pyjama love”! SRK likes his Pyjamas fresh and well ironed as he believes that ‘you may never know who you might meet in your dreams!’ *wink*

Source: rediff

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan! 

Title image: onlookersmedia

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