Today In 'What's Wrong With The World!': Dating App Matches You With Celebrity Lookalikes

The UK-based app is the most widely used dating app in the world.

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Badoo, the world's most widely used dating application has upped the fantasizing game by several notches.

You can now search for dates who look like your beloved celebrity.

Source: mirror

Because meaningful relationships based on complementing personalities be damned. But we don't judge.

The world being the weird place it is, some of the most searched-for celebrities include Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and, wonder of wonders, Donald Trump.

Source: washingtonpost

Well, whatever floats your boat!

Of course, if you still wish to redeem your soul from the oblivion of shallow online dating, you can switch off face recognition and hope to find another kindred spirit.

Here's BBC reaching out to the folks at Badoo to know more about this new feature.

Hmm, now that you mention Robert Pattinson, let me free up some phone memory!

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