You Are Definitely a 90's Kid If These Backstreet Boys Songs Are Still your Favourite!

While every girl had a crush on Nick carter, all the guys wished they had a beard like Kevin! Oh.. Backstreet love!

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Back in the 90s, my teenage cousin had this huge Backstreet Boys Millenium poster on her room's wall. And that's one of the reasons why I was addicted to the iconic band. A fresher to the world of western music, Channel V would be at the first click of the remote when the TV was switched on! 1999 and 2000 was only about Backstreet Boys!

Classy Songs... Such soulful lyrics (if not then at least now we can find deep meaning in them) and such good-lookin' fellas!

Every other girl had a crush on Kevin Richardson or used droll over Nick Carter!

But now, even after almost two decades, many cassettes, CDs, iPods and the likes of Justin Biebers later, those songs still linger on the minds of every 90s kid who has grown up with BB!

The favourite playlists still begin with the songs that define your childhood\adolescence bringing back fond memories of those childhood crushes and discovering your taste in music!

You are a classic 90's kid if you are a Backstreet fan! Hence, we bring you the best 10 songs of their time that will take you back in time!

1. I Want It That Way

Album: Millennium · 1999

2. As Long as You Love Me

Album: Backstreet's Back · 1997

3. Everybody

Album: Backstreet's Back · 1997

4. Incomplete

Album: Never Gone · 2005

5. Shape of My Heart

Album: Black & Blue · 2000

6. Quit Playing Games With My Heart

Album: Backstreet Boys · 1996

7. Larger Than Life

Album: Millennium · 1999

8. All I Have to Give

Album: Backstreet's Back · 1997

9. I'll Never Break Your Heart

Album: Backstreet Boys · 1996

10. Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely

Album: Millennium · 1999

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