Baba Ramdev To Act As Matchmaker, For Cows!

There is no stopping him!

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Baba Ramdev’s star has only been rising ever since he introduced his Patanjali line of products. He has also been politically charged of late, providing his valuable (eh?) views on issues of national interest or disinterest time and again.

An issue that he is especially passionate and vocal about is that of cows. The recent spate of unfortunate incidents involving violence by the self-proclaimed Gau Rakshaks (Cow Vigilantes) has often invited comments from THE O.G. Baba regarding the importance of said “initiatives”.

Now, however Baba has decided to take matters in his own Patanjali-cream moisturized hands and decided that his weapon of choice shall be, wait for it, Artificial Insemination.

Yes, you read that right. He will be working with vets from India, USA and Holland to empower sex selection so that more milch animals could be produced, thereby reducing the chance of the animal ending up at slaughterhouses. While bulls that have no practical use are liable to be slaughtered, breed improvement through the programme will ensure that milch cattle will have longer productive lives drastically increasing their chances of living out their natural life spans rather than being killed for a paltry sum. Ramdev has come up with the brilliant idea of extracting the semen of Brazilian bulls that were taken to the nation from India and have evolved over generations to become better. Talk about Baba’s own brand of Ghar Waapsi!

Ramdev says there’s another aspect to the programme. “Nasal Sudhaar” (Breed Improvement) is the need of the hour. He believes that more milk-producing cows will only add to improvement of the economy.

Regardless of how this one goes, or what side the cow sits, we’ll keep a close watch on this one.

Because vigilantism, FTW!

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