You've Gotta See How Many Celebrities Average Rob Has Slept With, Literally!

This Instagram user lives his dream via Photoshop.

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Don't they rightly say that reality is wrong but dreams are for real? And if you wish to dream you have got to sleep.

Well, what if your dream is to sleep beside all your favourite celebrities?

Thanks to technology, someone is actually living his dream. Average Rob is the guy who literally sleeps with celebrities (in his dreams and through Photoshop). If you find it hard to believe, just check out these pictures:

Because David is pissed:


Shoutout to all the people serving as human pillows for their passed out incapable friends. Tag em! ????????

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Taylor has stories to tell, but he seems tired:


Listening Taylor's lovestories. Good talk.

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The heart wants what it wants:


Shoutout to all women having to live with us lazy men. We love you more than you think. ????????❤

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Mr. Pool gotta keep it cool:


Shut up Ryan, I'm trying to take a nap here...

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But he needs to chill:


Life is a beach... ???? @margotrobbie

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It was a long day: 


5AM SUBWAY RIDES Ps: Thanks for taking care of me Barack ❤

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Passed out at predrinks... Didn't even get the chance to put on my slutty cat costume... ???? #FML

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Bro be like:



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You're the man, Average Rob!

Title Image source: boredpanda

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