Hallelujah: Autistic Girl from UK Singing At Christmas Wins Hearts Worldwide

This just goes on to show how any challenge, however difficult, can be overcome!

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Kaylee Rodgers is a special child who is just 10 years old. She has autism and ADHD, and often faces difficulty in many walks of life. But the little girl is a pool of talent and has taken the world by storm by her beautiful song Hallelujah, originally Leo Cohen's composition.

The braveheart stood in front of the members of the Killard House Special School's choir and gave a powerful solo rendition supported by her choir with zeal.

The heartwarmimg video was recorded as part of the school's Christmas show and only made it online because Kaylee was too ill to perform live as the lead singer at a church carol service.

Facebook user Nichola Martin first shared the video on December 18, where it has received over 900,000 views and has been trending ever since.

People hailed her throughout the world and facebook was full of praises and support.

"Beautiful voice and the choir were brilliant," another Facebook user commented. "Hats off to special needs teachers all over who produce these concerts that leave all of us in tears of pride and joy and sometimes laughter."

Kaylee when asked seemed pretty elated by the attention "It was really amazing how many views I got ... I just loved doing it."

Colin Millar, principal of Killard House, also expressed how proud he was of Kaylee.

"To stand and perform in front of an audience is amazing," Millar told ITV. "It takes a lot of effort on Kaylee's part."

Nicely done dear is what we want to say!

Title image: Huffingtonpost

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