Australian Man Sells Refashioned Indian Khatiyas For Rs 50,000! Any Takers?

"100% Australian made to an ancient Indian design" says the ad flyers.

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They say one knows the value of a particular something only after they’ve lost it. Now we might have not entirely lost out on the Indian khatiya, but it sure is on the verge of being extinct.

The traditional Indian bed made of a wooden frame and the crisscrossing web of jute ropes is a thing only of villages or the rustic dhabas.  

Moroccan traveller and scholar Ibn Battuta couldn’t stop going gaga over this bed of and for comfort.

He wrote, "The beds in India are very light. A single man can carry one and every traveller should have his own bed, which his slave carries about on his head. The bed consists of four conical legs, on which four staves are laid; between they plait a sort of ribbon of silk or cotton. When you lie on it you need nothing else to render the bed sufficiently elastic."

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Battuta’s words have long been here. But taken for the year to be 2017 to bring back the khatiya back in fashion and how! Australia’s Daniel Bloore travelled to India in 2010. He was so fascinated by the charpoy bed that he not only recreated one for himself but also started selling them after he made one for his friend.

 Source: indiantribune

Ironically, the poor man’s asset, the humble khatiya which got renovated in Australia is being sold for $990, which is just over Rs 50,000. Only! The flyer advertising the charpoy describes it as "Made from beautiful timber with strong mortise and tenon joints" and "100% Australian made to an ancient Indian design".

So when it came to the knowledge of Indians, they took to Twitter to let out their angst, cry foul, sarcasm, jokes etc. We bring you some of ‘em:









Love it, hate it, admire it or boycott it, you certainly cannot ignore that a westerner cashed onto an age-old Indian tradition, yet again!

Information source: huffingtonpost

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