You Can Change Friends But Not Neighbours! Atal Ji Was The Coolest PM India Could Ever Have

No wonder he is fondly called the Bhishma Pithama of Indian Politics!

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Coolest Indian PM, Atal Ji Quotes, Bhishma Pithama of Indian Politics

"Padosi kehte hai ki ik haath se taali nahi bajti, humne kaha ki chutki toh baj sakti hai!"

He is the Man who sent India to the moon with Chandrayan 1, the PM who made the country a Nuclear state, the Man who laid the foundation of a strong economy and the Man who changed the face of Indian Politics.

He started as the 10th Prime Minister of India and was the first to serve a five year term outside Indian National Congress. He took our country to new levels with his reforms but was equally famous for his witty puns and one-liners. His sharp words and apt taunts made him win hearts across the world. Here are some of the funny and clever remarks by the coolest PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee:

1. On Kashmir

When in an interview, a Pakistani Minister said, "Kashmir ke bina Pakistan Adhura hai." Pat came Atalji's reply, "Pakistan ke bina Hindustan adhura hai."

Source: wikia

2. On Ram

Ram Vilas Paswan took a stroke at Atalji's party and was rewarded with a better one:

Paswan: BJP bahut Ram ki baatein karti hai, par unme koi Ram nahi hai. Mera naam toh Ram hi hai.
Atalji: Paswan ji HARAM mei bhi Ram hota hai.

Source: dnaindia

3. On his competition with Advani

Rajat Sharma was of the opinion that, "BJP mei ik Vajpayee ka dal hai aur ik Advani ka dal hai."
Vajpayee ji said, "Mai koi daaldaal mei nahi hoon. Mai auro ke daaldaal mei apna kamal khilata hoon."

Source: topnews

4. "Vajpayee acche hai, par party theek nahi."

When in Loksabha opposition said, "Vajpayee acche hai, par party theek nahi."
Vajpayee: Toh acche Vajpayee ka aap kya karne ka irada rakhte hai?

Source: reportodisha

5. On sending message to Benzir Bhutto

When a reporter asked him, "What message do you have tonight for Benzir Bhutto?"

Atalji: "Is there any harm if I send the message tomorrow morning?"

Source: india

6. On Pakistan

And his view about our beloved PADOSI:

"Aap mitra badal sakte hai, Padosi nahi!'

Source: asianetindia

No wonder he is fondly called the Bhishma Pithama of Indian Politics!

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