This Heena Artist Offers Free Henna Crowns To Cancer Patients

Sarah Walters makes henna crowns for free for cancer patients who experience hair loss after chemotherapy and want an alternative to wigs and hats.

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Sarah Walters started a henna studio - Sarahhenna - in Bothell, Washington, in 2010. Few months later, when her mom requested her to make a henna crown for one of her friend who was battling with cancer. This nove concept was loved by many facing similar situations and it soon changed the course of her business.

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Since then she began offering this service to other cancer patients free of charge. She describes her experiences as positive and personal. She works with cancer patients of all types and ages, but prominently sees women who are battling breast cancer.

She uses natural henna that she blends with water, sugar and lavender essential oil, and also stresses that cancer patient should seek for artists who use natural and non-toxic materials.

The amount of hard work she does, she can charge as high as $100 per hour, but remembering her own family struggles, she did not hesitate even once before offering free services. She is aware how cancer affects the financial and emotional conditions and she never wanted a henna crown to be something that is inaccessible to anyone.

Here’s video of how she makes the crown -

Here are some of the crowns made by her -






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