This Artist Imagines Pokemon Characters As Zodiac Signs And The Result Is Amazing!

Brilliant illustrations. Period.

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The much loved animated series- Pokémon is revamped by many artists around the world. Pokémon lovers go crazy over the twist, every time an artist comes out with his/her version of these characters.

This time, you'll be amazed to see the powerful imagination of an artist who blends the characters with the zodiac signs.

Tumblr user Cuteskitty added creative elements in her illustrations by making the Pokémon look like one of the zodiac signs. 

Well, you might think that the resemblance of the caricature is just matching up the look of that particular sign. But to everyone’s surprise, the illustrations also matches the personality trait of that particular Pokémon.

For example, Rapidash is a generally competitive Pokémon that moves very fast, which is similar to Sagittarius people that refuse to get bored and are constantly on the move.

Here's a list of 12 Pokémons that the artist has illustrated: 

1. Gogoat as Aries

2. Tauros as Taurus

3. Meowstic as Gemini

4. Kingler as Cancer

5. Luxray as Leo

6. Gardevoir as Virgo

7. Chandelure as Libra

8. Drapion as Scorpio

9. Rapidash as Sagittarius

10. Vaporeon as Capricorn

11. Pelipper as Aquarius

12. Basculin as Pisces

Information and images sourced from popsugar

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