Artist From France Makes Some Awestruck Illustrations That Implicate Modern Society

Aghayev had to leave his home country in 2014 for his involvement with Art for Democracy a campaign.

Gunduz Aghayev, Artist, France, Contemporary Art, Azerbaijan

Give an artist a paint brush and he shall colour the entire canvas with his figment of the imagination.

While we just debate over the pros and cons of being living in a modern society, there are fascinating people like Gunduz Aghayev who try to convey their thoughts by painting.

Meet Gunduz a 36-year-old cartoonist who hails from Azerbaijan who is currently settled in France. Talking about his splendid artwork, he took the current issues by beautifully representing it with his artistic strokes. He says it takes from three hours to months for getting his illustrations done.

Stress, tension, and depression: Three sides of the fidget spinner!

Progressing as a man with the evolution of war

Oh yeah! The selfie is a ritual that needs to be followed.

Is this where justice lands you?

Aghayev's recent poster shows how Modern Zombies(we people) behave based on mass influences and power.

An applause for whom?

Yes, people will break the walls and stand against you!

Love sees no religion!

The technology is holding the bagpiper and we're trailing behind it.

Apparently, no one knows where we are heading!

Showing the vamp-side hidden beneath us!

And you care about species getting endangered?

Spell bounded? When was the last time you saw such an illustration?

Information and image sourced from buzzfeed

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