Artist Alexa Meade: Using Humans On Her Canvas!!

Bringing life to the paintings!

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Alexa Meade is an American artist who turns humans into living, breathing portraits. The artist is currently known worldwide for her portraits painted directly on the human body and she has come with this idea herself where “two-dimensional representational painting looks like a real three-dimensional space”. In the year 2009, Alexa decided to be professional artist where she makes living paintings. In her living paintings, she uses acrylic paints and make the 3-D objects look 2-D and she also takes photographs of her paintings herself by any angle she likes! Only the eyes and hair are not painted let’s see what all Alexa Meade has Made!!!

1. “Over All Else”

Source: instagram

2. During collaboration with Sony

Source: facebook

3. Beautifully made

Source: alexameade

4. Aligned with Alexa

Source: alexameade

5. Pride in Alexa

Source: instagram

6. Spectacle installation

Source: instagram

7. The answer to: 'How she do It?'


A video posted by Alexa Meade (@alexameadeart) on

8. Stepping off the wall

Source: instagram

9. A painting in Mexico

Source: instagram

10. Beyond colors

Source: pinterest

11. Open your eyes

Source: alexameade

12. Synthesized

Source: facebook

13. Art on streets

Source: alexameade

14. Self portrait of alexa

Source: alexameade

15. A painting in process

Source: alexameade

16. We have a jiffy too!!

artistSource: giphy

17. Truly a living painting

painting whoa alexa meadeSource: giphy

Now if you wonder how Alexa got the idea or who inspired her then we have a video for you:

Title image: facebook

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