Artist Leaves 15000 Coins On Ground In London To See How People React

The coins were put out in the open along the canal and they began to observe, and of course, live tweet the experiment.

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Can you guess what would happen if you dumped a pile of 15000 2p (pence) coins worth £300 pounds by the side of a canal? Well, that’s what one curious man from London and his accomplices set out to find.

AirBnB host Jamahl McMurran, a twitter user from London and his guest Lana Mesic, a Croatian artist and photographer carried out this unique ‘social experiment’ and decided to film all the people reacting to the coins.

It all started when Lana couldn't decide what to do with the 15,000 coins she used in an art installation. Instead of taking the heavy bag of pile back home, she and Jamahl came up with a better idea to leave the coins out along the canal below and see how people react to them. The coins were put out in the open and they began to observe, and of course, live tweet the experiment. The results were just hilarious.

Some people were just having fun

While this passerby grabbed some change for coffee

This smart kid filled his bag with the coins and the struggle was real

Source: boredpanda

This man captured a photo of his umbrella on top of the coins for Instagram

 Source: boredpanda

But the highlight of the experiment was this dude. What a legend!

Unfortunately, the observations were cut short and the experiment came to an abrupt end when these two guys arrived.

And, took the entire pile of coins.

Title image: twitter

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