Art From Heart By Bryan Drury: Imitating Real People On Canvas So Perfectly

It is rightly said, an artist is a magician.Art From Heart By Bryan Drury imitate Real People On Canvas.

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Is this is a painting? How can one imitate real people on the canvas so perfectly! It is almost as if he gave birth to the portrait on his canvas. It is rightly said, an artist is a magician.There are no limits to his creativity, and it expands wider and wider.



We came across such a talent, whose paintings make you do a double take before you realise it is a portrait and not a photograph. Even a camera cannot capture every wrinkle of a face the way this legend can. This is Bryan Drury for you.

06.bryan drury.jpg






07.bryan drury.JPG



Drury got his Art degree from New York in 2007. He started sketching as a hobby after he completed his schooling. His passion for filling a blank sheet with his sketches earned him many awards in various exhibitions. Recently, his solo-exhibition was organised from October-December 2015 at Aeroplastics Contemporary Gallery, Brussels Belgium.

A man with a real gift !

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