Arnab Goswami Marks His Return With "Republic"

One of the striking things Goswami said in the under 25 summit was, “In this country, if you don’t scream and yell then nobody gives a damn."

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Arnab Goswami, as we all anticipated, is back! When he left Times Now after creating a furore in the media by his out of the box (or vocal chord) antics and attacking of the holy politicians, he had given a statement saying he would be back soon with his own media channel.

So the time has come. Yesterday at the 2017 under 25 summit in Bengaluru, he took the centre stage and announced his return on the big loud screen with his upcoming media channel called Republic. It was clear that he hadn't lost his groove judging by the thunderous reponse he generated among the youth present at the summit.

“For 10 years, in Lutyens’ Delhi, I have seen the decay and near demise of this beautiful profession of journalism that has been compromised beyond belief,” Goswami said, adding, “You and me together will save Indian journalism from the influence of Lutyens’ Delhi. Take journalism outside Delhi, take it to Pune, to Guwahati, to Bengaluru, to Mumbai but the national capital. They are so compromised, so co-opted they have no right to represent the people.”

One of the more striking things he said was, “In this country, if you don’t scream and yell then nobody gives a damn," which, arguably and sadly, isn't far away from the truth. Let's hope we get a healthy competition for quality rather than noise amongst the media superhouses.

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