Army Takes Over To Reconstruct The Elphinstone Foot Overbridge

About 23 commuters lost their lives last month in a stampede.

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Maharashtra chief minister, on Tuesday, announced that a substitute foot overbridge shall be reconstructed at the Elphinstone Road station on the Western Railway (WR).

The foot overbridge will be ready by January 31, 2018, said the CM while taking a tour of the station along with Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal and defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Tuesday morning.

Fadnavis stated: “We have sought the help of Indian Defence forces in building the alternative bridge at the station. We will also make additional bridges at stations including Ambivali and Currey Road railway stations on the Central Railway in Mumbai in the same period.”

In a deadly stampede last month, around 23 commuters lost their lives while using the current foot overbridge.

When asked about the status of the works on the current bridge, Fadnavis said, “We are seeking help from the armed forces to ensure we finish completion on the work of the bridge at the earliest. We are thankful the help has been extended to us by them.”

 Source: indianexpress

Piyush Goyal revealed about the multidisciplinary audit being conducted of various railway stations. The audit was carried out to gauge the need for any extra amenities at railway stations. Both Central Railway (CR) and Western Railway (WR) have submitted their reports to the railway board.

“After the discussion with BJP Mumbai president Ashish Shelar on October 6, we realised that there was an urgent need to develop passenger amenities at certain railway station at the earliest. We have decided to utilise military precision to work on completing the work of bridges. These three bridges at these stations have been specifically identified as they record higher footfall.” Goyal added.

Nirmala Sitharaman chipped in, saying, “The army has always been steadfast in the provision of aid for disaster relief issues. This is the first time when we are actually calling army to help us in what essentially could be called civil work in the financial capital city of the country. The army conducted a feasibility study to assess whether they could complete the work and contribute to the process earlier this month.”

Sitharaman expressed her gratitude towards the Indian army for taking the initiative and helping build the nation, yet again.

Information source: indianexpress

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