Why We Thank Arjun From ZNMD For Making Us Realize That It Is Okay Not To Be Okay?

in the end we all become survivors of circumstances that life throws us in.

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A friend who skipped his best friend’s engagement party.

A friend unwilling to resolve his cold war with his best friend.

A friend who had to be convinced for a road trip.

A friend who was almost going to cancel a road trip with his best friends, thanks to his job.

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Such a broken human is no different than you and me!

Did you ever dream of getting into that reputed college? You decide to work so hard that eventually, you started calling it your dream college?

You took every possible effort you could think, even prayed and hatched your future plans.

But does fate care about your plans?

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To some, life becomes what they make out of situations and to some it all becomes a game of destiny.

But in the end, we all become survivors of circumstances that life throws us in.

So was he, a product of broken childhood. Arjun lost his father at a tender age, had to shoulder responsibilities at an early stage, learnt the valuable lesson of money and life so early that he became a product of all these hardships.

Arjun is a workaholic.

Arjun is into materialistic pleasures.

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Arjun has messed up priorities, that also cost him his relationship.

Arjun is now a financially stable person, believes in returning the favours done to him ( even by his best friend).

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Arjun who knows he is living his life in a “box” until he is made to realise that only dead people belong in the box.

The problems like all those things that weigh you down, all those decisions that confuse the shit out of you, all those calls you are scared to make, have some remedies.

A deep talk with that one person:


A place where you could actually listen to your thoughts!


Thank you, Arjun for teaching us that you cannot be fixed until you are broken.

Thank you for making us realise that priorities cannot be sorted out until you have your wars with confusion.

source: vagabomb

Thank you for making us understand that in the end, materialistic pleasures do not make you a shallow human and that a trip of luxury with your friends is only possible when you earn enough money.

And for once making us stop and talk to ourselves, face our fears and be a flawed human in search of betterment!

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