Anushka Sharma’s Phillauri Trailer Looks Colourful And Refreshing With Classic Ingredients: Love And Punjab!

Phillauri will be an amazing joyride full of love and comedy.

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Anushka Sharma has donned the producer’s hat in this one as she ventures into a dual role with her upcoming film Phillauri. The movie’s first trailer was out today and the scenes look nothing short of a dream. Ah well, a nightmare for the protagonist Suraj Sharma though.

The film features Life of Pi star playing a 'Manglik' boy who is forced to first get married to a tree. However, his troubles begin when he encounters Shashi, a ghost who resided on that tree forcing him to take her as his wife!

She follows Suraj's character all around his house creating quite some tension as he is due to get married in a couple of days. The plot looks like Shah Rukh Rani starrer Paheli with a role reversal with Anushka’s beautifully daunting portrayal of this spirit Shashi.

That is not it, she is playful and funny but also heartbroken as she tells her tragedy to her new friend or shall we say, husband? She takes everyone into a flashback, many centuries ago, in Punjab where she once lived and loved.

Shashi's lover's role is played by the dashing Diljit Dosanjh. He feels that he has the power to change the world with his voice. They seem madly in love but things go south once he leaves in search of fame and glory to make a name for himself.

A comedy-drama, the film has been directed by Anshai Lal and has been extensively shot in Punjab. From the trailer, the film appears to be a fun, bitter-sweet love story with soulful songs sung by Dosanjh himself.

Phillauri releases on 24 March. Anushka revealed the trailer to members of the film industry over the weekend, and all tweeted lovely things about it. Later Anushka released the trailer while on a live Facebook chat, which shows she is a heck of a marketer, beauty with brains.

Watch the trailer right here.

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