Caught In The Act: An Ambitious Ant Tries To Steal A Diamond From The Store

Maybe it was hoping to pop the question to another ant!

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This is an ant with aspirations.

A video on YouTube shows an ant trying to walk away with a precious diamond. We all have seen ants carrying objects 10 to 50 times their body weight. But a diamond? This ant means business.

If not that, it must be hoping to pop the question to another ant.

Image Source: ladbible

Video shows the ant is very calmly pushing around the diamond, without the fear of a hovering camera. Or maybe it didn’t notice it was being watched upon.

The ant is seen carrying the bumper prize without any trouble and actually travels a foot or two with it. A foot, which might be a mile for an ant. And the diamond is like a boulder for it.

Image Source: ladbible

Some net users called it The Itali-Ant Job, while others termed it as an addition to the Ocean Elev-ant.

The Italia-ant job ????

The Italia-ant job ????

Daily Mail यांनी वर पोस्ट केले गुरुवार, ९ ऑगस्ट, २०१८

Earlier, a video emerged where a million ants were at work building together a bridge by using their bodies to attack a wasp’s nest. With around 12,000 species of ant around the world, and the things they do collectively, we know how intelligent species they are.

Well, the ant in question did not get away with the jewel. And no, the shop didn’t call the police on it. Or maybe they should’ve? Who knows if it was the Ant-man sending Ant-thony to steal the diamond?

Information Source: ladbible

Title Image Source: bbc

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