Anne Hathaway's Nude Images Got Leaked And Instead Of Trolling, Twitter Stood With Her

Anne Hathaway’s personal images were leaked online on Wednesday.

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Remember when our beloved actor Hrithik Roshan's Facebook account was horribly hacked?

Source: cosmopolitian

Almost everyone knows that hacking is a crime and loads of people, even after knowing this, keep attempting this crime. Only they know what happiness they seek out of it.

Many find hacking to be cool, but invading anyone’s personal life via any means is uncool and nasty!

Be it in Hollywood or in Bollywood. Be it Miley Cyrus or Jennifer Lawrence. There are many famous personas who have unfortunately being caught in the clutches of cyber cons. To add more on the lists, Kate Upton and Kaley Cuoco were also targeted amongst other popular faces.

Recently, when Anne Hathaway’s personal images were leaked online, the links got posted on Tumblr and Reddit. Like fire, it got spread on other social media platforms.

Source: reddit

Usually tagged as a notorious platform, Twitter on Wednesday emerged out to be in support of Anne. And to our shock, people actually made us believe in humanity again.

Here are some tweets that compiles the benevolence, that we thought was dead.

Title image: lesmiserables

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