7 Performances Of Ankit Chadha That Will Keep The Dastango In Him Always Alive

'No dime, but I got some time to hear his stories,' reads one his social media cover.

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Dastangoi’s finest performer Ankit Chadha tryst with destiny went foul when he accidentally drowned in a lake near Pune on Wednesday.

The young lad was known for his research-based poetry, narratives, and performances in the Urdu storytelling mode. On the unfortunate night of May 9, Ankit and his friend went for a stroll at the Uksan lake near Kamshet in Pune where he met his end.

According to police officials at Kamshet police station, Chadha slipped and fell into the water and drowned. His friend went to the nearest village for a call of help but it was too late by then. Chadha was in Pune to perform his all-time-favorite ‘Dastan-e-Kabir’ at the Gyaan Adab Centre on Saturday.

The world of Urdu poetry and Dastangoi was left numb by the sudden demise of this rising star.

Ankit, a history major student from the Hindu College, was an avid lover of dramatics while in college. He was elected as the president of street theatre society and eventually joined the Mahmood Farooqui’s Dastangoi workshop.

Speaking about his loss, Farooqui said, “He was incredibly talented and a beautiful person and was taking Dastangoi to new heights. It is a devastating loss, after all, I trained him for six years.”

Many others like Neelesh Misra, Varun Grover etc could not hold back the shock and took to Twitter to express grief.

Chadha’s well-known performances include those of Kabir, Rahim, Dara Shikoh and Majaaz, and Amir Khusrau. It was his art that took him to a global level including the likes of Harvard, Yale, and Toronto universities.

As we remember Ankit with the fondest memories of his storytelling, we list your seven of his best performances that will leave you spellbound.

1) #RajasthanKabirYatra:

This video was released hours after Ankit's demise. Tribute to Ankit couldn't have gotten any better than through a Kabir's performance. 


2) Love Story Of A Gaurakshak:

During Ankit's research at Sabarmati ashram, he found our Gandhiji's ideas of cow protest was best expressed through stories. Need he look any further for inspiration?


3) Ram Katha:

Ankit performed this one at the prestigious New York University in 2016.


4) Kabir:

Another performance from the same evening at NYU.


5) Dastan on Indian Partition:

Ankit performed at Jashn-e-Rekhta for the first time. He was accompanied by Darain Shahidi and together they recreated a beautiful evening for the audience.


6) Amir Khusrow Ke Rang:

This one, a musical narrative, was performed to pay a tribute to Amir Khusrow. In collaboration with four artists from all across the country, 


7) Dastan Alice Ki:

Based on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, 'Dastan Alice Ki' starts with Alice's adventures in the fantasy land.

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