This Pixar-Like Animated Short Movie Based On Coming Out Will Just Move Your Heart

Like the name- 'In a Heartbeat', the movie will make your heart beat a little louder.

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Where we see every movie struggling to come up with a novel concept, we hardly stumble upon some good movies where not only is the concept out of the box, but also has an emotional element attached to it.

Source: teenvougue

Ringling College of Art and Design has brought up one such film which is a classic combo of love and fear wrapped in a short animated movie.

Revolving around a sensitive topic, the movie portrays an innocent gay love story where a young boy attempts to hide his feelings but his heart rips itself out and follows the other guy. Without disclosing much, we instead urge to spare 5 minutes and just watch this beautiful video.

Information source: eonline

Title image: tumblr, eonline

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