Animals Who Mastered The Art Of Blending In The Surroundings

From an owl who looks indistinguishable from the trunk of the tree to a leaf-like insect, these animals are experts in hiding from the predators.

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Did you know that it was nature who invented the game of hide and seek and not us?

These amazing creatures that you see below are champions of camouflage and you might want to look twice if you want to trace them in their surrounding. Their ability and biological advantage to modify their body colour according to the surroundings to escape the predators will surprise you.

Here, take a look and see if you can spot them

There is a seahorse somewhere around here:

Is that a leaf, litter or a toad?

Can you spot an owl?

As thin as a thread!

Stick like a gecko:

There is a spider wrapped around this twig:

Can you see a gray tree frog?

Is it an insect or just a leaf?

Images sourced from: boredpanda

Title image: boredpanda

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