“And Now My Watch Has Ended”: 8 Things To Do With Your Life Till Season 7 Of Game Of Thrones

We bring to you several alternatives to give your life some meaning till you see the King in the North and the Mother of Dragons return next year (yay!):

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The deeply satisfying sixth season of HBO series Game of Thrones was wrapped up recently. And Valyrian-speaking, Dornish wine-drinking, Hodor-mourning fans of the show are in need of something to live on till the next season airs in 2017. We bring to you several alternatives to give your life some meaning till you see the King in the North and the Mother of Dragons return next year (yay!):

1. Get drunk on a new series

A drama-thriller on USA Network, Mr Robot is back with its second season on July 13 this year. Rami Malek plays Elliot Alderson, a hacker struggling with social anxiety and clinical depression, recruited by a mysterious anarchist Mr Robot as a cyber vigilante. The first season aired in May 2015, and with ten episodes roughly 45 minutes each, you can catch up with the story before the second season starts. Check out the trailer and thank us later!

2. Head to Spain to run with the bulls

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Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara gave us such bachelor trip goals! One of the must-do things was the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. The fiesta of San Fermin is where this thrilling run takes place. If not up for a life-threatening bull-chase, you can still enjoy the festival which is basically a nine-day long street party from July 6-14.

3. Experience culture closer home

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If you are struck by wanderlust but do not want to break the bank, there are many options in India as well. Our country abounds in destinations which become impossibly beautiful during the rains, be it Goa, Coorg (pictured), Meghalaya or Madhya Pradesh. This is also the start of the festive season, and you can check out this list of awesome celebrations you can participate in during July-August all over India.

4. Learn and flaunt your cooking skills

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The season immediately after GoT is one of rain and chilly winds. Make the best of the indoor confinement and learn to dish out a couple of winning recipes. Train yourself to cook a few favourites, a perfectly steamed/roasted Bhutta, the hot chocolate that is just right, or an elaborate Mughlai curry. Make it your trademark recipe and win major props from friends and family!

5. Get in shape!

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After all the GoT-viewing parties- the booze, the food and the endless staring at the screen trying to grasp what happened- there are chances you and your couch have fused into each other like the ex- Three-Eyed Raven. Hit the gym or the park, give your limbs some exercise and your skin some sunshine- you do not have the heat as an excuse anymore! You’ll thank us when you want to go as Jon in all those costume parties and don’t end up looking like Sam!

6. Channel your GoT-love through art

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If you are still finding it difficult to let go, seek solace in the many online communities that discuss and share fan fiction and art. Game of Thrones is as aesthetically stunning as it is intriguing. Use it as a source for artistic inspiration and let your imagination run wild! (We know people are shipping Jon and Dany but that’s just creepy. Try not to go that way. Just saying.)

7. For the Samwells…

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This suggestion is possibly redundant, but use the spare time to read the entire A Song Of Ice And Fire series, if you haven’t yet. Yes, you already know most of the story, but the books are written in astounding detail, with quite a few crucial characters that the series omitted entirely. Also, if you are an observant reader, you will be able to predict the storyline for the remaining characters (to some extent, at least). Read up and look all smug to your friends when your theories come true in Season 7!

8. Chronic Bingeing Disorder? Fine!

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If all this is too much for you, just watch the friggin’ six seasons again! Word of caution: May lead to job-firings, breakups, divorces, family cutting you out and a general alienation from human civilisation. But then, Valar Morghulis, right?

Got more ideas to deal with this GoT-induced vacuum in your life? Share with us in the Comments below!

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