These Amusing Ads Will Show You How Stupid Humans Have Become!

An award winning ad campaign brings forth the stupidity of humans.

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‘Technology is making us stupid day by day.’

We hear this every day. Parents, teachers and for that matter, even our peers in a joke kind of way say it. Somewhere deep down, we ourselves agree that is sure is making us hugely dependent and degrading our usage of brains and of course, common sense.

Well, this couldn’t have been put across in any better way by a media and film company Film Suez, ad agency, The Community. They’ve depicted the stupidity of humans of this generation fighting a funny battle against common sense.

The campaign comprising ‘Tuna’ and ‘Slumber’ has bagged a bronze Lion in ‘Film’ at Cannes.

Watch these award-winning ads right here!

Title image & media source: youtube

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