Amazing Truths About Your Memory That You Need To Know

Human memory has always been a mystery to the humans.We have these facts of human memory. Read along!

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Human memory has always been a mystery to the humans. We tend to remember things we didn’t want to remember and we tend to forget the things we need to memorize. While struggling to know how human memory works, we have these facts of human memory. Read along!

1. You can remember only because you can forget

Ever wondered why do you always remember one event precisely and forget every other event that happened before and after it? That is because your brain memorizes only those things that seem important to you and forgets those events that are tedious and unimportant.

2. Your brain keeps associating new information with previous ones

Have you related an actor with a movie of his that you had seen previously? Or associate the lyrics of a song to your experiences? This is because your brain keeps connecting new information with past experiences and past events.

3. If you can remember one, you can forget the same

If you can remember a particular information, chances are that you can forget it too. But the rate of forgetting depends on the usage of the information. Just like something that we don’t use gets ruined, if we don’t use our memory traces for long, they decay. So if you are trying to remember a mathematical formula that you haven’t used since years now, there is a strong probability that you have forgotten it.

4. You can remember information without knowing that you can remember it

Does it happen to you that you often remember some event from the past which you didn’t think you would ever remember?

In a trial with an amnesia patient, he was asked to memorize a list of words, which he couldn’t remember. Later, when he was given a list of sentences with blanks to fill in with words he had seen earlier, he was able to remember the words.

This happens because our brain keeps memorizing proceedings and events even without our notice.

5. It is possible to produce ever lasting memory

If you want to remember something but you always tend to forget it, you can revise it inside your head many times and make your brain feel like it is important to you. Every long term memory has a life-span and if decreases if not in use. So repeat and revise an information that you want to store within yourself forever.

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