10+ Amazing Lord Shiva Tattoos, In Case You're Planning To Get Inked

Shiva is a pop culture icon as much as He's a deity, and makes for some excellent tattoo art.

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Lord Shiva is not just a revered deity, but also a pop culture icon- what with the dreadlocks, the chillum and the rudraksha beads. His mystique makes him a popular choice for tattoos as well. 

Here are some of the most rad tattoos of Lord Shiva to get some inkspiration from!

1. This graphic beauty.

Source: tattoosme

2. This segmented masterpiece.

Source: pinterest

3. Minimal yet striking.

Source: myvisions

4. Stunning!

Source: tattoosboy

5. A picturesque Tandava motif.

Source: golfian

6. More minimal devotion.

Source: tattoobite

7. The Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

Source: pinterest

8. "Rudra": The Destroyer.

Source: acetattooz

9. How incredibly beautiful are these?

Source: alientattoos

10. The artistry in this one!

Source: golfian

11. Trishul, Damru and The Snake

Source: blackpoison

12. The shades and light in this one!

Source: tattoosbag

13. Mahamrityunjaya- calligraphic.

Source: pinterest

Title image: btattooshop

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