Alia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma, Farhan Akhtar: True Heroes in Real Life

We often think about our Bollywood actors , But today we’ll tell you about actors who can be considered real life heroes!

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We often think about our Bollywood actors - can they really do any stunts or is it all the stuntman behind the scenes? Bollywood is a dynamic industry where one has to be glamorous and up to date all the time. But who are the real heroes in our Bollywood? Of course, some actors support NGOs or make sizeable  donations to various causes. But today we’ll tell you about actors who can be considered real life heroes!

Varun and Alia to the rescue! bollywoodmantra

When Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt were in Delhi to promote their film Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, the actors were on their way back when they spotted a man bleeding on NH-8. Without wasting a minute, Varun got out of his car followed by Alia and decided to help the man. They took the injured man to the hospital immediately and went through all the formalities. They also made sure that the man received attention and care rightaway.

Anushka’s Agility! hdwall

Anushka Sharma saved everyone on the set of NH-10 from a major accident. It was a dusty stormy day, since the team decided to avoid the dusty winds and continue with shooting, a heavy prop-moon was suspended 150 feet in air with the help of crane for a scene. The scene required the actress to drive her car towards the camera. As soon she saw the moon box, she noticed that the skimmer holding the moon box had torn and 900 kilos of lights were just looming over the crew. She quickly told everyone to be aside and the place was evacuated instantly. Anushka literally saved the crew this time!

Farhan in the nick of time! hdwall

Farhan Akhtar was in Turkey and the crew was enjoying at the beach after the day’s pack up in Anatolia. Ranveer Singh’s hairdresser, Darshan, dived into the sea for a good swim. Unfortunately the high wave swept him away from the shore and someone spotted Darshan struggling in the water and raised an alarm. This caught Farhan’s attention and without wasting another minute, he jumped into the water to rescue Darshan and saved him from drowning.

Bipasha and Karan: United in crisis wallpapers

Bipasha Basu Grover met with an accident while shooting Alone and Karan Singh Grover instantly rescued her. There was a jet ski scene where Bipasha was to sit behind Karan. Bipasha doesn’t know how to swim was already nervous about the scene. The scene required actor Karan to take a sharp U-turn and while doing so the jetski overturned and both actors fell into the deep sea. While Bipasha started to sink deeper and drown, Karan rescued her from a watery grave!

Quick Thinking, Arshad! starfriday

Arshad Warsi and Soha Ali Khan had a scene in Mr Joe B. Carvalho which required the two to drive a jeep in the Ghats. While shooting, a man appeared in front of the jeep out of nowhere and Arshad had a good control over the jeep so he managed to save his life and a major accident.

John: Not just a Reel Hero! urbanasian

John Abraham while shooting for his movie Force, saved Genelia D’ Souza from an unfortunate accident. The two actors were at Malshej Ghat and a scene was to be shot on the road which was completely wet due to rains. The two actors were required to drive through steep roads and sharp turns. While shooting for the scene, John’s jeep skid on one of the sharp turns and tilted towards the Ghat. Genelia was sitting on the other side and was frightened but he kept calm and slipped himself and Genelia out of the jeep with a few minor scratches.

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