Alaska Or Amsterdam: These Spectacular Instagram Pictures Will Give You Travel Goals

What are your dream destinations?

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Travelling is like discovering yourself, the more you travel, the more you find yourself. And the more you find yourself, the more you fall in love. And what's better than the feeling of falling in love?

Travelling, be it solo or with your best friends, is just as great a pleasure as discovering new places, different people and different cultures. Be it a short trip to a near-your-city attraction or be it a week long trip to a place you've always wanted to go: travelling will never fail to enthrall and captivate you.

So we found you these Instagram pictures to ignite the always persisting desire to travel.

These Instagram pictures are so great that they'll not only give you travel goals with your friends, but will also leave you breathless as you look at the aesthetic beauty:


Are you afraid of Fall? Probably not. What about Winter? Spring soon comes after that, do you fear Her too? Do you hate the year? I'd be so brash as to take a glimpse at anyone and imagine that - though overall they may feel rather exhausted with it - any given year is not something people hate. We associate bad memories or experiences with entire times, or an entirety of people. Imagine if someone pinpointed your mistake and then condemned you for the rest of forever, neglecting the obvious change you're bound to go through. So are you so afraid of seasons that you would fear the year? Are you so nervous about change that you hate seasons from one to the next? I wondered about this on my trip, would I hate or love something as it is only because of the way I currently see it? What if it changes drastically? Makes a decision I don't agree with? What if I am hurt? To bind all of our feelings towards others is an unfair burden to push on anyone, let alone ourselves! Carrying despises is its own poison. It seeps through the hollows of our intentions and fills those spots we can't always define. Change is not a beautiful perfect thing. It is gritty and rusted and creaks and screeches across the valley as blistering sunshine turns into a biting snow-filled wind. We go from one place to the next carrying yesterday's destination as expectation for tomorrow's arrivals and are we happy? To accept anything takes brutal courage, it's the Man who denies the world of Her ability to change and grow, Man alone that lives out of fear. Fear is a beautiful thing if we use it for understanding, but to rule our lives, ideals and practices with it can be the last nail in the coffin. Who would be so stupidly brave to spend their entire lives waiting to die? If you cannot accept tomorrow, today will last forever. I knew a boy once, and if he'd stayed the same how would I end up here to be the young man I am? Growth is inevitable, and yet we still have the gall to deny Her. #1924us #go #explore #times #life #film #shot #35mm #travel #adventure #authenticityisnotastyle #togoatall #forthgoestheroad

A photo posted by Venture Onward (@1924us) on


Dive in or wade in? ???? @divergenttravelers

A photo posted by #TranscendYourReality (@transcendyourreality) on


Colorful scene in Maldives ???????? Photo by: @paulreiffer Use the #Vacations hashtag to be featured!

A photo posted by Vacations Travel Earth Nature (@vacations) on


This view never gets old ????: @trevorandkahlua

A photo posted by Aspen Colorado (@aspenco) on


Santorini, Greece ???? Credit: @mohammed_alnuaimi #Beachesandhotels to be featured!

A photo posted by Beaches � Hotels � Travel (@beachesandhotels) on


Could you be more perfect @malignelake ? #mountains #travel #canada

A photo posted by Kelsey (@kgahnsmith) on

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