All A Game Of Priorities : The Comedy Of This Tragedy Is Worth Noting!

We need to work on our priorities.

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Okay I agree that the past few days were a little difficult on us, given we had to face these harsh controversies:

Mandatory value education classes (for free) :

source: zeenews

These two came on screen:

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And the real deal:



If only we could sketch our priority list as skilfully as we sketch our fake achievements for our CV!

This news shook every girl to her core, just the imagination of it happening to you gives you creeps.

In a country where women safety should be treated as 24x7 a burning topic, officials have a supremely intelligent reply. The efficiency of these so called “protectors” couldn't steep to any lower levels.

To all those who need a brush up, a few days ago Iishita Chitnis, a Mumbai girl found a man masturbating at her inside the D6 coach of Tapovan Express at CST. When she reported this incident to a police constable she was asked to change her place rather than action being taken against that man.

It was only after 10 days that justice was served as the man was held. But the unfortunate part of the story, above all, the gross reality is the reply by the police constable:

source: storypick

And when that was not enough, this happened:

source: socialsamosa

And one name was again enough to get a tornado of opinions and advices rolling:

The irony of the situation is that just one name was enough to get the system going, an FIR could be launched within no time , the comedians were not asked to change their citizenship or shift to another country.

If only people could prioritise!

But a few quirks by these comedians gave a new twist to this controversy:

For once if real issues could be given attention!

Title Image: newsindiatoday

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