After Brexit, Dexit Vote Being Demanded; The Only Thing In Their Way Is Hitler

Brexit has opened the floodgates, the sudden uprising of the alternate party which are now calling for a referendum for Dexit (Deutschland out of the EU)

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It seems like Brexit has opened the floodgates. It was not expected to happen. Most had predicted a close but definite victory for ‘remain’. But ever since the surprising result, the political stability in EU has slowly spiralled out of control.

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The EU was expected to give a tough response to Britain over its decision to leave and show the member countries what they stand to lose after quitting the union. But few would have anticipated the movement that the right-wing extremists would initiate in other countries citing the example of Britain.

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One of the example is of Germany. The country that is holding much of the power in EU is fighting on multiple fronts. Other than dealing with post-Brexit scenario it has to deal with the sudden uprising of the alternate party which are now calling for a referendum for Dexit (Deutschland out of the EU). And the only thing that stands between them is - Adolf Hitler.

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Ever since the Nazi manipulation of polls in the 1930s and the 40s, the Germans have grown wary of referendums. One of such incidents came in 1934, when Hitler melded the offices of President and Chancellor and he could do so as he had no political opposition. In fact, there are only two scenarios in which you can call a referendum in Germany now - if the constitution itself, or if the territories of the states making up the republic, are to be changed.

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“Next year the AfD will enter the German parliament and Dexit will be top on our agenda,” said Franz Wiese of the AfD party (Alternative for Germany).

It will be interesting to see if and how the referendum can be called in Germany and if this right-wing extremism rises in the EU, other countries could follow the suit and that could spell disaster for the whole EU.

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