This Monkey Is Addicted Of Drinking Petrol From Parked Bikes In Panipat

You offer him nuts and banana, he’ll refuse!

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The world is a crazy place to live in and this time what we stumbled upon something so unusual and bizarre that it will give you bolt from the blue.

Apparently, when the bike owners of Panipat observed their petrol tanks getting empty after returning to their parked bikes; they never thought that a monkey would be the thief.

According to UPI, the clever monkey was always seen waiting for the surrounding crowd to go away and only then would go and consume fuel from the tank.

The motorcyclists, who work as merchants at Insaar Bazaar in Panipat, said, that every time when they returned to their bikes after work, they would find the bikes drained of.

Who could have thought it would be a monkey? So, in order to capture the culprit the bikers staked out the thief behind this and never in their wildest dream could they have thought that a monkey is behind all this.

Gaurav Leekha, the owner of a volunteer organization in the city, said,

The monkey was clearly addicted to the petrol, It would refuse to eat even bananas and nuts if anyone offered it.

Well, the monkey did not pose any danger to humans, perhaps he was always high- on petrol.

Information source: dailymail, upi

Title image: dailymail

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