This Actress Gave A Befitting Reply To The TV Channel Programming Head Who Tried To Molest Her

Although Vara Sarathkumar didn't name the culprit, but she surely made a strong statement.

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Molestation, exploitation or sexual harassment are some words which we hear, every now and then. Be it the heinous 2012 Delhi Gangrape or the 2016 Mass Molestation in Bangalore or the much recent case where a Malayalam actress was molested in a moving car for two hours, the ugliest reality is many times, the victim has to stay silent, just for the sake of 'Log Kya Kahenge!'.

While most of us are quite familiar with the dark underbelly of Bollywood, the regional film industries are no different. Tamil actress Varu Sarathkumar shared an account of the incident where a Programming Head of a leading TV channel,

The actress took here Twitter handle and posts the whole story about the incident.

"I write this after spending 2 days debating whether or not to do so. In today's world of social media, even genuine words spoken are judged unfairly and I did not want that to happen. In the end, I strongly felt it necessary to share this incident."

She was in a meeting with a Programming head of a leading TV channel. All was well, till she got the intentions of the man.

He asked:

"so... When can we meet outside?"

I replied, "regarding some other work?"

He said, "no no! Not work... For other things".

People while hearing this kind of incident give one common reaction, she said.

"Film industry is like this. You knew so when you joined. Why complain now or act surprised?"

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar opposed the kind of mentality of people.

She also said that she stands for herself and for her dreams. She doesn't want to be treated like a piece of meat or to follow the standards of exploitation of women already practiced.

" I love acting. It's my profession of choice. I work hard and I’m good at my work. I certainly do not want to choose either option of 'Put up with it or quit'," said a furious Varu.


Source: tamilstar

"As a woman, she sees only one choice.

To resist and to speak out

 Either stop disrespecting women or GET OUT!"

Just because she is an actress it does not mean, that she deserve to be spoken with disrespect.

"It’s my life, my body and my wish. No man should assume he can get away with disrespecting me."

Instead of lecturing women on what to wear, how to speak, how to behave appropriately, it's hight time that we start by telling men to stop thinking with their genitals, and start looking at a woman as strong, free, capable and equal human being.

She further adds:

"Teach the men to be better people. Every parent needs to start this at home. Women are objectified and treated as less than equal! - a commodity that can be dealt with as they please. I am not a victim and I don't intend to play one. I am speaking out on behalf of all the girls who are not speaking out due to fear. Fear of men and fear that they will be punished as women for speaking out"

Here's her full account:


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