Legally Black Activists Recreate Iconic Film Posters With Black Actors

‘Legally Black’ is a group based in South West London and this campaign was their first project.

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Owing to its commercial and critical acclaim, Black Panther has become the talk of the town. The film's great success has  inspired the activists of ‘Legally Black’ to come up with a guerrilla campaign, where they recreated posters of popular films but with a black lead.

‘Legally Black’ is a group of four young UK campaigners hailing from South West London. The objective of this group is to create awareness among the people on the lack of onscreen participation of ethnic diversity in the films. This group of young, enthusiastic Londoners release quirky film posters under the banner 'Legally Black'. Sharing more about this, one of the team members said,

If you are surprised it means you don’t see enough black people in major roles.

This quote is also

the tagline of each poster that they have released. Titanic, Harry Potter and Doctor Who are some popular films that the team has recreated with their own family members and friends.

In order to attract attention, the team approached a private media agency for the release of an official campaign on London buses. When they did not receive the expected response, the team reached out to  Special Patrol Group who had rolled out vandal advertising” campaigns targeting police corruption in the past.

The posters were printed and pasted on the bus stop billboards overnight this week and caught eyes of many.

The posters were pasted on March 1 on all the bus stops across Brixton, London; but were taken down by March 2 and replaced with adverts for McDonald’s. Though the campaign might have not stayed on the billboards for a long time, it surely has left an impact on the minds of people.

Information and image sourced from deadline anad designtaxi

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